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The Swiss Global Group offers a range of financial solutions to help you successfully weather any storm
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Understanding your options and how to optimise your finances in Switzerland

Swiss Global Group is the only financial services company of its kind in Switzerland. It is a Swiss registered company, its foundation firmly grounded in Swiss regulation and law. The SG management team has a wealth of knowledge, lending key financial advice to both local and international individuals in Switzerland. We have established offices in Geneva, Zurich, Basel and opening an office in Lausanne in 2018.

Every business relationship starts with a conversation

Swiss Global offers a range of solutions to help you protect your assets, build and monitor strong sustainable returns over time. With a long history of stability and success, our tailored advice in personal wealth management and our constant search to strive for excellence, ensure we remain the company of choice for International Professionals living and working in Switzerland.

Just arrived in Switzerland ?

As an expatriate recently established in Switzerland it is not always easy to understand the Swiss Pension system, which can be extremely complex when adding all the different rules and specifics of each company pension plan.


Swiss Global will help you make the most of the Swiss pension system in terms of understanding the ‘pros & cons’, tax efficiency and financial optimisation.


Click here for information on the Swiss pension system

Swiss Global Investments Sàrl is a registered as an Insurance Intermediary with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA); and authorised to act as a Financial Intermediary, along with Swiss Global Trustees Sàrl,  by the Association Romande des Intermédiaires Financiers (ARIF)